Denture Repair & Reline

Our staff at Allure Dental Lab understands the needs of patients when their appliances break or require adjustments. That is why we have a convenient and timely denture repair & reline service department. Our technicians are well versed and experienced in acrylic, metal, thermoplastics, and denture implant repairs.  We have solutions for most simple to difficult repairs.  We also have the skills to reline or rebase most any removable appliance.

Frequent Types of Repairs

  • Repair Cracks
  • Add Teeth
  • Wire Clasp Repairs
  • Weld Metal Repairs
  • Add Mesh Reinforcement
  • Add Wire Reinforcement
  • Thermoplastic Repairs
  • Implant Denture Repairs

Frequent Types of Relines or Rebases

  • Hard Reline
  • Soft Reline
  • Suction-Cup Reline
  • Elast-Grip Reline
  • Thermoplastic (TCS Flexible)
  • Rebase Acrylic Rebase
  • Totally Natural Rebase
  • Implant Overdenture Relines

Same Day Denture Repair & Reline Service (Orange County Only!)

We offer convenient and reliable service for ONLY Orange County dentists and their denture wearing patients with our same day service.  This same day Denture Repair & Reline service is dedicated to full and partial ACRYLIC DENTURES. To take advantage of this convenient service all requests must be submitted by 10:00am.  Your acrylic repair & reline will be delivered by 5pm the same day in Orange County.

*Some restrictions do apply

Question: Can you reline and repair TCS Flexible or Valplast?

Answer: Yes, TCS or Valplast certified labs having the training to provide this service.

Question: Can you help us figure out what type of implant attachment system was used?

Answer: Yes, take a body poly vinyl impression of the ridge and implant area, and we can find the analog that will correspond to the correct attachment.

Question: What type of impression do I need for a partial denture repair?

Answer:  We need a pickup impression (partial in the mouth) with an opposing and a bite.

Question: What type of impression do you recommend for a Full Denture Reline?

Answer: We suggest a medium body poly vinyl wash impression inside the denture.

Question: What type of impression do we need to reline a partial denture?

Answer:  We suggest a medium body poly vinyl wash impression on the anterior or buccal saddles of partial denture and a pickup impression over it.