Gingival Mask

A Gingival mask is a removable appliance for patients who have lost tissue due to trauma and surgery. It’s perfect for hiding exposed margins. Allures Gingival Mask is an easily constructed and practical device. It optimizes the esthetic and functional outcome in these special situations while permitting cleansibility of the prosthesis and supporting tissues. Our appliance is made of FDA approved thermoplastic or acrylic and will not damage implants or irritate delicate tissues. Removable, comfortable and easy to maintain, our mask is retained by capillary action, the lip and proximal spaces. Allures Gingival Mask reduces thermal sensitivity while filling interproximal spaces and restores phonics.

  • Tissues loss
  • Thermal Sensitivity
  • Exposed Margins
  • Visible Implant Components
  • Cosmetic Lip Plumping
  • Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Smoking
  • Heavy Drinking
  • Poor or Unstable Periodontal Health

Gingival Mask

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