Acrylic Temp Partials

When it comes to Acrylic Temp Partials we are always constructing the most functional and aesthetic partials available.  Why settle for metal wrought wire clasps when you can prescribe a more pleasing clear-clasp design.  The clear-clasp design merges in with the abutment teeth and gum tissue to create a natural complete looking smile. No matter how temporary, patients no longer need to suffer with unsightly clasps. Acrylic Temp Partials are the clear option for the natural and comfortable looking smile.

Case Materials Required

  • Upper and lower impressions or models
  • Tooth and gingival shade
  • Bite registration
  • Flexible partial dentures
  • Duraflex/Cast Partial combo cases’
    • Flexible Base and clasps coupled with the strength of a metal framework
    • Tooth born partial rather than tissue born partial
    • Cast chrome framework fabricated by OA technicians and made in the USA
  • Unilateral partials
  • Temporary healing appliance for implant cases and for patients with largely edentulous spaces
  • Less than 5mm vertical space (unless using metal backing/facing, especially on isolated anterior teeth)
  • Collapsed bites
  • Deep bites where upper anterior cover lower anteriors
  • D5225 – Maxillary partial denture- flexible base including any clasps, rests and teeth
  • D5226 – Mandibular partial denture- flexible base including any clasps, rests and teeth

Acrylic Temp Partials

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