Advantalock Denture

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Would you believe that you could get all the benefits comparable to an implant case in a removable partial denture? It’s true! The newly designed Advantalock Partial gives you this. It will completely change the way you look at partial dentures. The Advantalock Partial was designed to finally provide partial denture patients with excellent retention, security, and esthetics.

The Advantalock Partial is a two-piece partial system. The Advantalock system has two main components: the base assembly with a Hader bar cast on the framework, and the Advantalock clip. There are many benefits of this two-piece system. First, it has eliminated the need for any metal or thermoplastic clasps, leaving your patient with a truly natural-looking smile. Plus, unlike the sometimes difficult-to-adjust thermoplastics, the Advantalock design uses an acrylic resin with a Vitallium framework. This makes it much easier to adjust. Additionally, patients can enjoy eating any type of food without fear of the partial being dislodged. The Advantalock Partial also practically eliminates a patient’s problems with food trapping underneath his or her partial dentures.

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