TCS® Flexible or Valplast®

TCS® Flexible or Valplast®

TCS® Flexible or Valplast® Flexible  are strong durable thermoplastics that snap securely and comfortably into place around existing natural teeth. The TCS® Flexible is a translucent resin that captures the natural tissue, making them virtually unnoticeable in the mouth. Made from a biocompatible thermoplastic nylon material, TCS® Flexible provides optimum strength, and proven durability with a guarantee against breakage. TCS® Flexible is the most popular aesthetic partial in the market.

TCS® Flexible with Vitallium® 2000 Rest Seats

TCS® Flexible with Vitallium® 2000 Metal Rest Seats has the flexibility of a non-metal thermoplastic partial with the stability of cast metal rest seats. In a removable partial denture, forces are applied and must be transferred to the supporting teeth and tissues in an a traumatic fashion. In many cases, non-metal thermoplastics, though aesthetically pleasing, would function better if they had metal rest seats to transfer forces down the long axes of the abutment teeth.  The Vitallium® Rest Seats help support and stabilize the flexible partial.TCS® Flexible  with Vitallium® Rest Seats is exceptionally attractive due to its natural-looking clasps and minimal metal.  Take advantage of this creative and functional thermoplastic design.

TCS® Flexible with Vitallium® 2000 Frame

A TCS® Flexible with Vitallium® Frame combines function, comfort, and aesthetics. This hybrid appliance utilizes thermoplastic clasps, which blend right into the gum tissue creating a natural looking smile and a Vitallium® framework which provides extra strength and stability to the partial.  This combination design is superior because the metal framework provides support while relieving excessive pressure and torque on the abutment teeth, creating maximum comfort with superb aesthetics.  A TCS® Flexible with a Vitallium® Frame is highly recommended on a mandibular arch with missing posterior teeth.

TCS® Valplast® are recommended for use as removable partial dentures in place of traditional acrylic saddles on cast metal partials, flippers, or stayplates. TCS® and Valplast® are tissue borne appliances when not used with cast metal partials. Rest seats in Valplast® are not recommended. TCS® and Valplast® eliminate the need for invasive procedures.
Valplast® and tcs should not be used with patients with poor oral hygiene, very short or heavily worn lower anteriors, over a closed vertical dimension or protruding tori. When there is minimal undercut on abutment teeth, metal clasp will be recommended. Valplast® and tcs cannot be relined chairside; appliance needs to be returned to the lab for rebase.

Start with an accurate bite registration and void-free impression using a custom tray.

No cementation necessary.

7 Days In-Lab

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