Space Maintainers

Allure Dental Laboratory has various space maintainers available designed to maintain the space. This will allow the permanent teeth to properly erupt and come into place.

Band and Loop

Unilateral or bilateral loss of a primary molar

Lower Lingual Arch


  • Bilateral loss of primary teeth in the mandibular arch during transitional dentition.
  • Maintenance of arch perimeter and incisor positions.
  • Contraindicated in primary dentition.

Nance Appliance

  • Indicated for loss of multiple primary teeth (bilaterally) in the maxillary arch.
  • Acrylic button provides increased stability. Appliance prevents tipping and rotation movt of molars.
  • Acrylic button may cause difficulty in maintaining hygiene in the rugae area.

Removable Space Maintainer


  • Loss of multiple teeth bilaterally (anterior and/or posterior)
  • In the absence of abutment teeth.

The acrylic resin or modified Hawley space maintainers restore esthetic, function and prevent super-eruption of opposing teeth.

Space Maintainers

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