Band and Loop

Unilateral or bilateral loss of a primary molar

Lower Lingual Arch


  • Bilateral loss of primary teeth in the mandibular arch during transitional dentition.
  • Maintenance of arch perimeter and incisor positions.
  • Contraindicated in primary dentition.

Nance Appliance

  • Indicated for loss of multiple primary teeth (bilaterally) in the maxillary arch.
  • Acrylic button provides increased stability. Appliance prevents tipping and rotation movt of molars.
  • Acrylic button may cause difficulty in maintaining hygiene in the rugae area.

Removable Space Maintainer


  • Loss of multiple teeth bilaterally (anterior and/or posterior)
  • In the absence of abutment teeth.

The acrylic resin or modified Hawley space maintainers restore esthetic, function and prevent super-eruption of opposing teeth.

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